Laterina, a little village which is even mentioned in Dante’s The Divine Commedy.

Laterina is charming in every season and isn’t far from the most important and renowned artistic centres in Tuscany (18 km from Arezzo, 50 Km from Siena and 60 Km from Florence).

It isn’t to find adjectives capable of describing the beauty and the uniqueness of this house.

This recently restored old building overlooks the castle walls of Laterina.

So come now, give me your hand, let’s walk through the rooms of the house.

The warm and cosy kitchen with is large fireplace takes you back in time to scenes of family life, where grandparents and children told each other tales by the flickering light of the flames.

The symbolic rocking chair, an open book, Somewhere Else is all of this.

A sense of days gone by is evoked by the play between shadow and light in the fascinating and mysterious livingroom, the arches in its stone wall, and the old granary built into the ground below the room like a well.

Before relaxing on the sofa, go down two steps and open the door of the wine cellar, and while you look at the deep red wine in your glass, be aware that you’re Somewhere Else, in the underground passages of the village.

Meanwhile, in the luxurious bathroom, the sound of water in the hydromassage and the steam from the sauna remind you of Somewhere Else.

From the bedroom window you can just make out a railing hidden by flowers, and once again you seem to be Somewhere Else, suspended between the sky and the earth.

The terrace, which is an old castle road, impels you to go Somewhere Else, so open the wrought iron gate and go down the long stairway under which two arches play hide-and-seek, until you reach the big terraced garden.

On one side there is a little swimming pool, and on the other side there is a little vegetable garden, sunshine, rosemary, a well, little birds which swoop down from the rooftop to look for material for their nests…..you fell dizzy, you don’t know where you are anymore.

I’ll tell you: you’re Somewhere Else.

Even your four-legged friends will be welcome and happy to accompany you on this voyage Somewhere Else.


Casa Vacanze ALTROVE

di Pedani Valentina & Michele


Via Trento 3

52020 Laterina (AR)


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